Patrick William Kelly Artist/Designer

Dwight Polen, California
Songolo Gallery, Idyllwild, California
Festival of Art, Laguna Beach, California
Crown Gallery, Huntington Beach, California
Santor Gallery, Newport Beach, California
Laguna Gallery, Chicago
Orange Coast Collage, California
Laguna Museum of Art, California
Madison Gallery, New York City
Downey Museum of Art, California
Long Beach Museum of Art, California
Galeria Atenea, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Seal Beach Art Association, California
Seattle Art Museum
Canada Club Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
Museum of Fine Art, Ottawa, Canada
Vancouver Art Museum, BC, Canada
New Vision Gallery, London, England

Studied Art and Industrial Design at
Christopher Wren Technical School and
Hammersmith Collage of Art, London, England.
Worked in Industrial Design positions:
London, England. Vancouver BC, Canada ,
San Francisco, Seattle.
Lived and worked in Laguna Beach for 42 years

Exhibited and worked for the Festival of Arts,
Laguna Beach, California
Exhibited for 42 summers at Festival of Arts.
Moved to Morongo Valley, California in 2011.















Works on Paper

Original Mixed Media on Paper Image 14" x 16"

Original Mixed Media on Paper Image 14" x 16"